“Train people well enough so they can leave,

treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Richard Branson

We develop and deliver ideas that help retain your greatest asset


Want to know how to hang on to your best people? Let them know how they can succeed in your company and share the internal successes.

It’s simple – communication is the key to employee retention

Talent management has been around for a while now, but are we using it in the right manner?Quite Literallly HR - Associate Handbooks The beginning of a relationship with HR is built on a very personal level and once on-board the gap between HR and the new employee widens quite dramatically; communication is transacted, usually one way, on a company or department-wide basis. Is talent management working here?


We all know it’s important to have the fundamentals in place

Let’s assume you have your annual or quarterly performance review programme on the calendar; personal development plans are in place and line managers know how to introduce quarterly goals and objectives. These are pre-requisites for employee retention.

Quite Literally HR - Employee DevelopmentWho is responsible for managing career development?

HR may be responsible for sign-posting the way but ultimately the responsibility falls to the individual contributor. Do your employees know that they are responsible for managing their career development? Communicate with your employees, inform them that they hold the key to their own success. Share with them how to move to their next role and fulfil their potential. HR Employee Communications Material Design



We develop and deliver ideas that help attract the best employees by promoting your Company as an Employer of Choice



We develop and deliver ideas that help retain your people. Do they understand your Company’s philosophy and how they can progress to the next level?



We help you communicate change within your organisation. Involve people at the beginning of the process, invite them to participate, see the results


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