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There are numerous ways to attract candidates but what actually works? It helps if your company has a good external reputation as an employer, how is your company perceived? Using literature to share company values and employee success stories can be powerful in attracting the right people to your company.

It’s important to hire in the best skills and experience but that’s just the beginning; to build successful teams you need to attract the right type of person for your organisation. Defining your company values and using those tools to attract like-minded candidates is a great starting point.

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How to attract the best people:

  • Hiring the right person for the right job isn’t just down to luck
  • You need to get all your ducks in a row
  • Before you consider advertising, make a decision to target the right people
  • Having company values in place helps define the qualities you want to attract
  • Talk to us we can help you attract the best people for your business

Ensure you attract the best people:

  • Invest up front and communicate what your company has to offer
  • Share your company values with candidates
  • Promote employee advocacy
  • Have a solid employee referral programme in place
  • Set out your stall and attract like-minded people

Build Employee Advocacy:

  • You know you have the right workforce in place
  • Ensure your people understand and use your company values
  • Your employees probably associate with like-minded people
  • Give your employees the tools to recommend your company
  • Continue to build the perfect team

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